6 Stunning Waterfalls To See in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Gold Coast locals and visiters are the luckiest in the world and should take advantage of the stunning scenery in our own back yard. The Hinterland boasts of many spectacular scenic bush walks, picnic spots and many majestic cascading rock pools and waterfalls. No matter which trail you choose to take, you are sure to come upon glorious beauty in amongst our world-heritage listed rainforest. Perhaps one of the most beautiful of natures marvels are the forests many shimmering waterfalls. We’ve put together a list of some amazing waterfalls you should definitely take the time to visit.

Purling Brook Falls – Springbrook
Over 100 meters in height, this is the best waterfall on the mountain. It is definitely its most impressive after rain. Stroll through the forest and take in the sites from one of the 2 lookouts or the causeway at the top, or hike down to the base of the falls and take a stroll over the suspension bridge (remember you have to come back up again).

Currumbin Rock Pools – Currumbin Valley
Okay, so this one’s not really a waterfall per say, but definitely worth the mention. The not so secret gem, and favourite swimming spot with the locals, boasts of large smooth boulders with fresh mountain waters that cascade into natural pools of cool water. Pack a picnic and take advantage of the BBQ facilities. As a precaution, always stay out of the rock pools after heavy rains.

Twin Falls – Springbrook
Take the Twin Falls Circuit to get to the Twin Falls themselves. Accessible from the Canyon Lookout and Tallanbana Picnic Ground, the short 30 minute walk will see you breathtaking views with the scenery changing between thick forest, huge rock clefts and rock pools. The track to the falls is all downhill, so be prepared to the hike back to the top. At the bottom you will find the 3 separate rock pools that are a great way to cool off on a hot day.

Picnic Rock and Elabana falls – Lamington National Park
Picnic Rock is a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. Surrounded by thick lush rainforest, take the Border Track trail (near O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat) and follow the signs to Picnic Rock. Like many other waterfall tracks this one too is all downhill with the constant incline on the way back up, so be prepared.
For the not so faint at heart, carry on and take the short detour to Elabana Falls, one of the prettiest waterfalls in the area, but be aware, there will be a scramble over large rocks to get a good view of the falls. Always take all precautions as rocks can get slippery at times.

Goomoolahra Falls-Springbrook
Located just 100 meters from the car park, along an asphalt track, you will find yourself copping a birds eye view of the falls and valley below from the lookout perched right over the rocks. From here you will be able to see out over the canyon and over to Surfers Paradise skyline along the coast. Also, possibly the best picnic spot in Springbrook with a cool creek that flows all year round.

Natural Bridge – Springbrook
A short 1 km easy circuit, Natural Bridge is one of the most popular scenic tracks to walk in Springbrook. Take a stroll through lush forest, over and across Cave Creek and down into the cave where waters chute into the pool from above. At night the caves are illuminated by the light of a thousand glow worms (best in summer months).

NOTE: Always check on weather conditions before embarking on any walking track. Always check on the rating or scale for effort for all tracks. Wear appropriate footwear and attire. Always carry a water bottle, take sun block and apply bug repellent/spray. Most of all enjoy what our beautiful Hinterland has to offer. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.